Mermaids and Unicorns

Saturday, 2 March 2019

Its been a beautiful summer and I've really loved the trend of Unicorns and Mermaids this season. The pineapples and flamingos trend was a tough one to beat. With its bright retro colours and funky summer vibes I wasn't sure how a unicorn could match that.

i dont believe in humans mug

I don't believe in Humans Mug

There is no doubt about it though, Unicorns and Mermaids are the new must have and are definitely not just for children. With the introduction of soft lilacs and pink shimmers these two mystical creatures have really brought something new to accessory design.

dance with fairues plaque

Dance with Fairies Plaque

And so with the leaves starting the fall and the Llamas and Sloths on their way I must admit I'm not quite ready to say goodbye to my beloved Unicorns and Mermaids just yet. Whether its the clip clop of a galloping unicorn or the flip flop of a swimming mermaid you love, there is still plenty of time this season to grab one of these gorgeous accessories


Mermaid Notebook